Seismologists to test for earthquakes at Saturday's Panthers game
Earthquake trackers are adding instruments at CenturyLink Field in Seattle
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Earthquake trackers are adding instruments at CenturyLink Field in Seattle to record expected vibrations from jumping and stomping Seahawks fans during this weekend’s playoff game against the Panthers.

Fracking Examined as Possible Factor in Texas Quakes, Experts Say

After at least a dozen earthquakes hit North Texas in 36 hours, geophysicists said they’re looking into whether fracking might have been a factor. The largest quake hit Irving, Texas, with a magnitude of 3.6 on Tuesday evening. By then, local nerves were already frazzled from the initial 2.7-magnitude earthquake that hit Tuesday morning and the 3.5-magnitude earthquake that hit earlier in the afternoon. “It could just be a natural event that just happened to occur,” Robert Williams, a geophysicist with the USGS, told NBC News. “We’re going to be exploring all possibilities, including any contributions that the oil and gas industry might have in terms of injection of fluids or extraction of fluids in the subsurface.”

26 flu-related deaths reported in Kentucky

A physician’s assistant at University of Louisville Hospital outlines flu symptoms and treatments and discusses the effectiveness of Tamiflu. Marty Pearl, Special to The C-J


Health officials are urging residents to take precautions against the flu in the wake of 26 flu-related deaths in Kentucky and 36 in Indiana.

Pacific northwest earthquakes: More to come?

A recent spike of earthquakes in the Northwest raises fears the next one could be the big one.

By Alexander LaCasse, Staff Writer JANUARY 8, 2015

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A magnitude 4.8 earthquake struck near Tofina, Canada Wednesday night less than 200 miles west of Vancouver, prompting officials to reassure the public that a tsunami wasn’t coming.